Thursday, February 21, 2008

Treating your web site as an ATM is like using your computer as a typewriter

Let me say that again: Treating your web site as an ATM is like using your computer as a typewriter. Sure, your computer makes an excellent replacement for yesterday's typewriter, but you're missing more than you're getting. Think video, audio, email, spreadsheets, databases... and of course the list goes on and on. So too the possibilities for your campaign web site.

Is your walk piece on the web? Ready for supporters to email to friends? Prepped to print and distribute to their neighbors? Complete with room for their personal endorsement?

Can supporters easily add their names to your endorsers list? Upload their photos and a line or two about why they're voting for you?

Do you have a way to manage and track letter to the editor campaigns?

Are you creating and posting video clips of your candidate's compelling appearances and pithy quotes?

Are you engaging and inspiring visitors? Giving them ways to support you with more than just cash?

Some political web sites are nothing more than static billboards with a donate button or robust collections of online tools. But the very best use the web as a campaign controlled multi-media publication--complete with an editorial focus and peppered with ways to engage and inspire supporters--both online and off.

Typewriter or computer? ATM or robust web presence? Your choice may be the margin between winning and losing.

--Louella Pizzuti

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